He is the God of answered prayers and perfected endings. ~ Susie Davis

answered prayers & perfected endings

Oh, hello friend. I want to gently remind you that your story isn't over yet. If you're reading, you are breathing and that means you're still in the middle of a story. Your story. God's story. I know sometimes it gets tiring praying the same things day after day and at times it feels like … read more

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Susie Davis

dear daughters (sing)

this dear daughters series is about learning to do life unafraid ... dear daughters, Here's the thing ... when you were little, we all thought good mothering meant telling you that you could do anything. Mamas tell their babies this all the time. But oh, dear daughters, it is not true: You … read more

ptsd and unafraid susie davis

PTSD and Unafraid

While rummaging through the garage at an estate sale recently, I startled unexpectedly. A man behind me accidentally dropped a brick on the concrete floor. Though I didn't see him, the sound made me jump and instantly sent chills down my spine. Seconds later, I wondered, "Wow, body ... what's with … read more

Peace and Panic

panic attacks or peace

Sitting squished in a ball, tight and small, with my back in the corner and the bar counter over my head. I remember the cold tile floor and the way I felt I was losing my breath. The phone on the wall above me, the patio door to my left, crying quietly and waiting. Terrified my parents wouldn't … read more

when we are wildly in love with God ...

when we are wildly in love with God

My prayer for us today is to have a worry-free day. One in which we find ourselves so wildly in love with God and this one beautiful life He has given us, we have no room for fear. … read more