oh, for the love: jen hatmaker and melinda garvey

jen hatmaker & austin woman: for the love

Okay, this was fun. Reminds me of old times on the radio. I crept out of bed while it was still dark, guzzled some coffee and headed over to the studio on the other side of town. And there I joined JB (Classic 105.3 FM), Melinda Garvey and Jen Hatmaker to talk about all kinds of things … read more

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scout's almond tea cakes

scout’s almond tea cakes

We made Mrs. Hick's tea cakes and drank coffee on the front porch, just like she used to with her grandparents. We talked about writing and speaking and all kinds of other big God dreams. This was my first introduction to tea cakes. ACF summer intern, Morgan, came over and we made her great … read more

dear fellow fear-er susie davis

dear fellow fear-er … stay close to home

Dear fellow fear-er, I heard the news about the Lafayette gunman late last night. Will walked in while I was reading in bed to let me know about it. He hates to share that kind of news because he knows the capacity it has to push me in a hole. If you've read Unafraid ~ you know why too. I … read more

dear daughters wishing back

dear daughters: wishing back

Oh, dear daughters … I didn’t expect days like these. Days when the people I love, the ones that have given the most to me and your dad, get older. Their eyes soften, deep pools of blue and gray. Their hands tell quiet stories of how the years have passed. I find myself wishing back. … read more

3 things to pray for charleston

3 things to pray for the people of Charleston

I hesitated in writing anything to you about what happened because sometimes I think more voices diminish the grief of the people who hurt most. But having witnessed a murder in my classroom many years ago, I do know some of what happens after the story ceases to be sensational in the media. I know … read more

what to do when God seems complicated ...

what to do when God seems complicated …

Last night after a meal of chicken and dumplings, there were tears at my table. Unexpected tears. She covered her face with her hands and quickly wiped them away. I honestly don't even remember what I asked her, only that she looked back at me with widening, glistening eyes and when the tears … read more