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come to Me

come to Me

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Yes, Jesus. Will and I are tired. It's a tired born of good things - ministry calls - and yet, we feel heavy-laden. So we come to you. In this quiet place, we sit ... and wait. Secretly, we wish for a quick pep talk and a … read more

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dear daughters the goal of marriage susie davis

dear daughters: the goal of marriage

dear daughters … is a series where I talk to my girls about stuff. I’d like to invite you to talk about stuff too. Today, the goal of marriage. dear daughters, When your dad and I met in high school and started dating, I knew I was in love. And then years later when he proposed, I knew I wanted … read more

some signs of depression

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I felt this was a summer of brown leaves falling. Well, Will and I had an opportunity to explain exactly what that means for us. In particular, Will shared about his struggle with feeling tired, overwhelmed and depressed. A lot of y'all told me you were … read more

a summer of brown leaves falling

a summer of brown leaves falling

In my backyard, the grass is green but the big oak my dad planted decades ago is dropping massive amounts of big brown leaves. When I noticed the blanket of autumn-like leaves across the lawn, I called my dad immediately to see what to do. Because I've never seen the big tree do this - it's not … read more

austin farmhouse

mid-life crisis?

Confession: I've been doing this weird wandering thing with my heart. I've driven all over the Austin area looking at property, scouring realty sites, moved mentally into homes that are not mine - like this cute, dilapidated farmhouse. I told Will this must be some kind of mid-life crisis. … read more

pope gosser rose point dishes

my friday date.

Morning spent at the barn and mid-day discovering all kinds of thrifty goodness in my own neighborhood - that's how a good Friday runs around here. Two weeks ago, I found these lovelies just around the corner at an estate sale. Forty-two plates for $20. Oh, yes please. I love thrifting. Not just … read more