bad news vs Good News

Beheadings. Bombs. Bad news.

The horrific information today threatens to deeply disrupt me. But here is what I know: Good News also abounds. Yes, there is a steady stream of really bad, devastating, awful, heart-breaking, faith-shaking bad news every-single-day. Because every day, there's more bad news than one heart … read more

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do not be afraid susie davis

do not be afraid

I am a good griever. This means when I see a rough transition coming or I am in the middle of a great sadness, I go ahead and let my feelings hit it head on and grieve. I think, cry, feel and get it all out. It's a confrontational approach to managing hardship which I think is a good thing. … read more

dear daughters (your one beautiful life)

dear daughters (prescription for jealousy)

dear daughters … is a series where I talk to my girls about stuff. I want to invite you to talk about stuff too. I pray you are loving your one beautiful life. That you wake up feeling immense gratitude for where you are, who you're with and what you're doing in your life. That is my … read more

button davis letters

Davis Letters

I wanted to let you know about something Will and I are doing together in another little spot on the internet. It's called: DAVIS LETTERS And it really all started with those 'dear daughters' posts I write ...  Will decided to jump in with his own thoughts and write some letters too. Things … read more

God in the big things Susie Davis

thinking of you today…

Hi. I'm thinking of you today. Lots of little things swirling in my head as I get ready to share a project Will and I have been working on. It probably will be finished by next Tuesday. More on that later... But I'm just sitting here working this morning and my heart feels like it could burst … read more