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hope vs. expectation

January is the land of high expectation. Goal setting, list making, eyes to the sky. I like the feel of January until I fail at keeping my well-intended resolutions. So this year, in an effort to be kind to myself I put aside my expectations and I am giving myself over to hope instead. … read more

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God in the big things Susie Davis

thinking of you today…

Hi. I'm thinking of you today. Lots of little things swirling in my head as I get ready to share a project Will and I have been working on. It probably will be finished by next Tuesday. More on that later... But I'm just sitting here working this morning and my heart feels like it could burst … read more

kristin schell's turquoise table

12 Tips for Writer’s Block

Sunday was sunny and beautiful. The perfect day for getting outside. I sent a quick text to my friend, Kristin, to see if I could stop by and chat. She quickly texted back and within minutes, I found myself at the turquoise picnic table in her front yard under a large magnolia tree. (photo, table, … read more

unafraid 2014 collage

20 Things I Learned in 2014

My writer friend, Emily, over at Chatting at the Sky had the best idea to recap the year. Here's my list of '20 things I learned in 2014.'  Be sure to jump over to her place to read about what she had to say. She's one of my favorites. 1. Depression isn't always tears. My husband, Will, … read more

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celebrating failure in advance

My brother-in-law, Bill, says he read a quote recently. I happen to love it and relate to it, so I wanted to share it: Worry is celebrating failure in advance. Isn't that an oh wow for you? It was for me. Today, I'd rather not sit and spend precious time and energy celebrating failure in … read more