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celebrating failure in advance

My brother-in-law, Bill, says he read a quote recently. I happen to love it and relate to it, so I wanted to share it: Worry is celebrating failure in advance. Isn't that an oh wow for you? It was for me. Today, I'd rather not sit and spend precious time and energy celebrating failure in … read more

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practical gratitude

Last weekend, Will and I had the opportunity to teach together at church. Things always get rowdy when we teach together and this message was no exception. Let's just say there was a mention of heart attack pain, emergency room visits and Brussels sprouts. It all worked out in the end, of course. … read more

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a beautiful life

My dining room is a sort of shrine to Emily's wedding. Four large, framed photos stand like soldiers on my table reminding me she is a new bride. Do you remember I said I wouldn't talk about it until I was ready? Well, it's been nearly a month and I'm still weirdly emotional. One of my dear … read more

drink in beauty

waking the dead

Because I love this book (re-reading it for the fourth time) and because I know what beauty does for my heart, a favorite quote: We need to drink in beauty wherever we can get it - in music, in nature, in art, in a great meal shared. These are all gifts to us from God's generous heart. Friends, … read more

prayers for your new husband

dear daughters: 5 things to pray for your new husband

dear daughters … is a series where I talk to my girls about stuff. I want to invite you to talk about stuff too. Here you are about to get married. Just days away. Your dad and I are so excited ~ and enormously relieved. He answered our prayers when he brought this guy your way. You two love … read more

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dear daughters (on your engagement)

dear daughters … is a series where I talk to my girls about stuff. I want to invite you to talk about stuff too. It's kind of inconceivable but your wedding is just around the corner. I want to tell you that I'm exceedingly happy for you. Your dad and I prayed all your life for this man. Though we … read more