3 things to pray for charleston

3 things to pray for the people of Charleston

I hesitated in writing anything to you about what happened because sometimes I think more voices diminish the grief of the people who hurt most. But having witnessed a murder in my classroom many years ago, I do know some of what happens after the story ceases to be sensational in the media. I know … read more

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what to do when God seems complicated ...

what to do when God seems complicated …

Last night after a meal of chicken and dumplings, there were tears at my table. Unexpected tears. She covered her face with her hands and quickly wiped them away. I honestly don't even remember what I asked her, only that she looked back at me with widening, glistening eyes and when the tears … read more


Letter to a Fallen Hero on Memorial Day

I didn’t know you, and I likely never bumped into you, but I imagine you’re a lot like my neighbor’s son, Ben. Eighteen years old, he joined the military right out of high school. Ben actually suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder … because he saw things. Hard things, horrible things and one … read more

good news letter

Good News Letter

Oh, hello friend. My name is Susie and I'm a former fear-er. Because of my ten year struggle to overcome anxiety (I wrote all about it in Unafraid), I feel the constant need to fuel up on good news ~ not bad news. To grow big in faith not fear. And by good news, I mean anything that gives hope … read more

worry-free wednesday

worry-free wednesday

Yesterday at the barn while tacking up the horses my friend, Christy, and I were talking about the cyclic nature of anxiety in a woman's life. The tendency we have to move from one season of worry to another: In college, you worry if you're in the right major. After college, you worry about … read more


a prayer to kick fear out the door

For so many years, I loved God but I didn't trust Him. I worried He wouldn't take care of me or my kids so I took it on myself to try and manage ('manage' ... another word for 'control') the ones I loved. I was a fear freak. Because I didn't trust the character of God. I thought, like Eve in … read more