31 days of enough

My husband recently came out with a new book that’s messing with me. A lot.

It’s called Enough: Finding More by Living with Less.

Because of that stinkin’ inspiring book, every day for the next 31 days I’ll be giving away my stuff. Sending my lovies out into the world. To you. And your friends.

Why? I’m not entirely sure. I just know I’m supposed to …

The truth is, I decided that I wasn’t going to do Nester’s 31 day series this October. I felt overwhelmed, under-inspired and I just didn’t know if I could.  But then I read how Emily was going to do ‘a very little every day.’  Just something small. And then I heard God whisper … you do something small. Gift small blessings every day.

So here I am, trying to listen. Trying to be open-handed. And feeling a little bit crazy. Ah, well.

This next week, I’ve lined up a few little lovies like a darling Coach bag. I’ve used and enjoyed her. But instead of sitting still and quiet in my closet, it’s time to say good-bye. *tear*

I guess the thing is … I’m trying to ‘move toward enough.’ And for me, that means giving up some stuff. I hope you’ll stop by often this month. Maybe I’ll be gifting something you or a friend really want or could use ~ or even give away.

Welcome to 31 days of enough …

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.~ Melody Beattie



  1. Felicia Gaskins says

    I found your blog through my daughter’s (A Work of Heart) blog. I have really enjoyed following your work. Over the last three years my husband and I have had to clean, give away memories and sell our parents homes. It was so hard to decide what to do with much loved items that represented their lives here on earth. We found our selves unable to part with far too much. Now I am using those memories to make memories for all the grand and great grandchildren. There can be too much stuff but never enough memories. I am photographing each item before I send it along with a note about the piece. I want a record in case I want to write longer stories about the gifts. Thank you for your lovely thoughts. I am encouraged to keep this little project of mine going.

    I recently started a project with a women’s group for sixth grade girls. So my favorite free thing is 21 eleven year old girls giggling! God continue to bless you.

  2. Jayna says

    I am a hand lotion/cream junkie! L’Occitane usually only finds its way in my purse when received as a gift because it is such a special treat. My favorite item that I can’t live without in my purse is Avon Dew Kiss chap stick. I actually have tubes of it everywhere and when it’s on sale for $0.69 I really stock up! I’m bringing an extra one with me to church and I’m going to drop it in your bag

  3. Shawna Lane says

    Hi Susie,
    I had the pleasure of attending the Cowgirls by Grace conference this past Saturday and I had a blast! I have to say that I have quoted you many times this week and now have my husband doing it also. Your “Thank you God for this problem.” has really made me step back and realize that even though my kids may come in and leave shoes on the floor and I have to tell them everyday to pick them up but at least they have shoes to wear! You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to get more of your books!

  4. Melanie says

    I met you quite some time ago at the RIVER. I was very impressed with your spirit and have followed you on face book ever since. I can relate to many things you are going through with your girls, however, I have all boys, one in college, one in middle school and one in elementary. I love this idea of re-gifting your things. I am going through a very rough season in my life and with my marriage falling apart and a special needs kid who needs LOTS of my time I have been feeling that I have nothing left to give. Your idea has inspired me to dig deeper and realize that I always have something to give if I am in Christ. There is always someone in need and I can be ready to give when the Holy Spirit prompts me.
    Thank you for your inspiration and keep in in the loop of your Good Girl News please

    Your sister in Christ,

    • SDavis says

      Dear sweet sister! I read your note and just have to tell you ~ wow ~ what a blessed, amazing attitude. Much love, much peace and much JOY as you dig deep with Christ. PS> And thank you for encouraging me with your words. Your words are the GIFT!

  5. jody grindle says

    hey susie i really enjoyed you speaking at the cowboy church,i don’t get out much, but that was one thing i was going to go to been planning for. thanks for being there.

  6. Tammy Cooper says

    Hi Susie! On Sunday a visiting pastor asked me what my favorite moment was at the Cowgirls By Grace event in Tyler. Wow, that was almost as hard as choosing my favorite pie! Seriously, it was hearing you deliver a message that just kept feeling like a message from God, just for me. You & I were able to visit for a few minutes about the loss of my Daddy & how my Momma hesitated for just a moment before agreeing to come with me as it was eight years to the day since Daddy left this world and her/us behind. Everything about the day was a blessing. Thank you for coming and sharing your heart with us. We look forward to reading your books & your blog. I left feeling so uplifted and refreshed…..”He restoreth my soul”. Giddy Up Cowgirl (Even if you are a townie!)

    • SDavis says

      Love this. And love how tender God is to encourage y’all in the loss of your Daddy.
      Thank you for your sweet words.
      Giddy Up!
      English-riding townie. ;)

  7. Erin says

    I wanted you to know I was extremely blessed by your message Saturday at Cowgirls by Grace. You inspired me to go out & get a journal so I can “write it down & walk it out”. I’ve had a few…..stumbling blocks since Saturday & some of the things you said have played over in my head……keeping me grounded! Thank you for that!
    You’ve blessed me more than you know!
    Thank you!

  8. says

    HEY Susie, i sure enjoyed hearing you Saturday at my church, (go Crossbrand for having you) you made me laugh and cry, i cant wait to read your husbands book, i own my own business of “essential oils”, im just starting so im not making too much money right now, i had to do something to support my income since the passing of my husband 2 years ago, but you are such an inspiration to me, i tried to remember EVERYTHING you said Saturday, but having 2 kids to raise on my own i just could not retain it all inside my braine (but WOULD NOT change it for the world, they keep me going, you know?) hope to see you again.

  9. says

    I love it. yes, i thanked your husband for screwing up my perfect little world. maybe one of your little darlings can land in my hands so i can pass it on. i’ve made some friends here in arkansas who could use a nice thing or two to remind them in their struggles, Jesus is still there. a 21-year-old widow with a 3-year-old who’s wondering if God abandoned her (hubby died while texting her 2 days after their wedding), and an amazing Christian friend and encourager to me who is in incredible financial limitations. i’m so amazed how little she lives on in this season of their lives.

    i’ll be praying for you! it’s gonna be awesome. Jesus is going to show up big time! if not, we’ll blame it on your husband. i kicked off my “7” fast of possessions and food today. food has been fine (although why didn’t i pick cheese as one of my 7 foods??), but surviving life without coffee is going to earn me an olympic medal! i gave our church’s clothes closet a huge bag full of winter baby clothes without batting an eye this morning. i wonder if giving 7 things away each day is going to get harder…(i’m sure it will!)

  10. says

    what a great idea susie. (and now i’m going to go check out your husband’s book.) i’m writing for 31 days too…but might just take your challenge on with local friends and goodwill. a very good idea.

  11. Melinda T says

    I think its a great idea! Looking forward to the next 31 days of not only giveaways, but of inspiration as well!

  12. says

    Okay, this is a little bit crazy. Stumbled across your blog because I LOVE the word ENOUGH. Then saw you’d referenced Will’s book (which I LOVED). Must’ve skimmed the first part too fast, because I thought it said your husband read the book, not WROTE it. :)

    Anyway, I e-mailed him awhile back about loving the book. He responded so kindly (and said he’d read the books I wrote too). I’m so excited to follow along with your posts. Just don’t send me any of your stuff!! :) Last year I did 31 days of purging, and I should probably do it again.

      • says

        I entered to win the Coach purse. I’m a keep-my-phone-and-$-in-my-pockets girl but would love to sell it and give the $ to Cambodia. Sounds so noble, but it’s kind of a selfish-joy-of-giving thing. LOVE what you’re doing!!

  13. Gwen Strybos says

    You were a blessing to me at Cross Brand Cowboy church of tyler, Texasm this past weekend at the retreat. It was a awesome event. God has surely annointed you and I came away refreshed.
    I am excited about the give-away this coming week. Can you explain to me how it will work? I know you are busy busy busy, so i will understand if you can’t get back to me right away.
    Again, thank you so much! Blessings!
    Gwen Strybos

    • SDavis says

      Hi Gwen,
      The blessing was all mine. I love y’all!!
      So how does it work?
      Every day I’ll post a picture of something of on blog that I’m giving away.
      Then I’ll ask y’all something and you’ll respond in the comment section. At the end of each week, I’ll announce winners randomly based on the comments. Then I’ll get the winner addresses and pop them in the mail.
      All the details will be in the post. (Like only people in the continental US can win, etc.)
      Just check in daily ~ and see if there’s something you want.

    • SDavis says

      Hi Traci,
      Thanks so much! And I actually made a visit to your etsy shop. Wowie! You’re one talented gal!
      Giddy up right backatcha! ;)