need to reschedule

I discovered a truth this week: My left hand is a huge slacker. Has been for decades. Can’t button my jeans, fasten my bra, and has no idea how to apply mascara without poking out my eye. Be warned, be watchful. If you see me in the next couple weeks … I’ll be make-up less, bra-less and wearing pull-on clothes. A full on hippie mama. The kind that’s banned in Dallas, embraced in Austin. Thank God for Austin. But it still ain’t pretty …

History. kinetic sunsetSunday while jumping a course on Kinetic, I bonked something pretty vital in my write right hand. (Disclaimer: not the horse’s fault. Weird, freak accident.)

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don’t be afraid.

This is Grace. My nephew’s daughter. She is the closest thing I have to a granddaughter. grace-grace

I worry about the world she’s growing up in.

Because I was still struggling to understand Monday’s Boston marathon nightmare when I woke up this morning to hear about the devastating explosion in West, Texas. Fires burning, lives lost. These are our neighbors. I add them to my prayer list. This list of people whose lives are turned upside down. [Read more…]

weekend notes

I’m so happy it’s here … the weekend.

I plan on soaking in a s-l-o-w Saturday. Maybe hitting a few garage sales and stopping by the barn. The weather here in Austin is simply gorgeous. Happy little blooms are popping up everywhere. So this is the time we get outside and say grace over 70 degree weather.  Soon enough, we’ll have the heat.

Yesterday, Kate and I met at a favorite new spot of mine: Epicerie. We met Pete (instagram above). Pete poured us some sunshine ~ and suddenly it was Mimosa Thursday. Isn’t it funny how a small unexpected pleasure can turn an otherwise nice day into ridiculously awesome? (If you get to Epicerie, try their spinach salad w. poached farm egg. Oh my!)

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3 Books to Change Your Mind

It’s such a relief to meet a truly helpful book. Today, I want to introduce you to three books I’m currently reading that are not only helpful, they’re changing the way I think.

You want to quit eating so much junk food, skipping exercise, and procrastinating but you just can’t seem to do it.

Read The Power of Habit and learn about the 3 step habit loop. Fascinating.

Hardcover * Kindle

You want to stop comparing and worrying about why you don’t have what they have, get to do what they do but you’re stuck. [Read more…]

Hello 2013

Well hello, 2013. I am tempted to greet you aggressively.  With a big, sharp, pointy list of RESOLUTIONS in hand.

I want to charge out: A warrior on a horse, my personal to-do list a sword. Ready to attack the things I’d like to change about myself. Things obvious. And things hidden.

For me, 2012 is awash with things I never did do. Or didn’t do well. Chock full of personal and professional fails. So this idea of RESOLUTIONS is more than appealing. Out with the old, in with the new. Purge, purge, purge. Ditch the old me for a fresh, fixed-up new me. The me that finally and completely does everything I should do and all I want to do. Sign me up.

And yet I realize if I construct a sharp, pointy list of RESOLUTIONS ~ there is a strong possibility I will turn it on myself when I fail. It might be a couple days … or just hours … but oh yes, I’ll fail to meet the standards I set for myself. And then there will be remorse and shame. And a heaping help of self-loathing. And that’s when I’ll use the sword to stab at myself. For failing to meet my expectations. [Read more…]

blessed is the season …

Today as you’re running errands, gathering Christmas goodies.

Praying you’ll be swept up … in His conspiracy of love.

merry. merry.

instagram * printstagram * gratitude garland

Last weekend … weird.

Nothing monumental going on but wowser, a full out funky strangeness settled in our house. The kind that makes you tired and confused at the same time. And if you sit in it too long, you get cantankerous and weird with it. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this … ?)

It was Saturday night and I had my fill, so I did something I never do. And when I say never, I mean never. I went to Hobby Lobby, wandered the aisles listening to Christian elevator music, and then I bought some craft stuff. Y’all, I am not crafty. Crafting makes me scared. And crafting makes me sweat.

But then I came home with all kinds of craft confidence and I sat on the floor like a little kid and proceeded to make gratitude garland from my instagram prints I had sitting on my kitchen table.

Why? I do not know. (Is there some psychology to impulsive crafting? Please tell me.) But I do know this … I needed to sit on the floor and spread my blessings out in front of me where I could see them. And then I needed to quietly thank God again for every one.  [Read more…]