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Last weekend … weird.

Nothing monumental going on but wowser, a full out funky strangeness settled in our house. The kind that makes you tired and confused at the same time. And if you sit in it too long, you get cantankerous and weird with it. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this … ?)

It was Saturday night and I had my fill, so I did something I never do. And when I say never, I mean never. I went to Hobby Lobby, wandered the aisles listening to Christian elevator music, and then I bought some craft stuff. Y’all, I am not crafty. Crafting makes me scared. And crafting makes me sweat.

But then I came home with all kinds of craft confidence and I sat on the floor like a little kid and proceeded to make gratitude garland from my instagram prints I had sitting on my kitchen table.

Why? I do not know. (Is there some psychology to impulsive crafting? Please tell me.) But I do know this … I needed to sit on the floor and spread my blessings out in front of me where I could see them. And then I needed to quietly thank God again for every one.  [Read more...]

horses & humans

Did you know horses sniff each other nose to nose and say hello?

A little weird, I know. But other than that, horses and humans are a lot alike.

There’s not a horse or a human I know that doesn’t love breakfast in bed.

After a good hard work-out, horses shower just like us. [Read more...]


Because it’s Monday. Because my to-do list is threatening. A little reminder from a brilliant writer …

Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax. ~Ray Bradbury

a gracious opportunity

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous? Remnants from a family wedding last weekend.

That day was special day to all of us. Perfect weather, stunning bride, beaming parents and at the end of the night: A happily married couple.

I was thinking on that day this morning. Wishing every day could feel that spectacular. [Read more...]

best all-around

So tonight, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman go for the individual all around medal … and yes, we’ll be watching. Because it’s a big deal to see these amazing teenagers go for gold.

But I have to tell you my favorite Olympic moment for those girls was that candid clip in the middle of the girls going for the team gold. The camera swooped in and caught Aly taking a nervous Gabby by the shoulders, telling her, “You can do this, you can do this … ” Gabby looked intently in Aly’s face and shook her head yes.

[Read more...]

love life in photos {7-24-12}

These are pictures posted on instagram* that make me happy. Pictures that make me smile. Pictures from people everywhere that say … I love life! 

1) Look at this little darling. My friend, Kristin, posted it with the caption: Live life out loud!

via theschellcafe on instagram

{visit her blog}

2) What a way to plan a trip! Love this one from Lindsey … [Read more...]

orphaned newsletter & other details

Okay, confession … I haven’t been good at keeping up with ‘The Good News’ Newsletter. Matter of fact, I’ve been downright horrible the last few months at keeping up with the newsletter. I was super faithful and then Spring crept in and I fumbled. Terrifically. I could give you lots of excuses but that’s just stupid.

I dropped the ball.

But I have good news … when I woke up this morning at 1:30 am, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I found a solution to my slackerdom.

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