election. details.

I consider myself kind-of apolitical.

Not because I don’t care about this country or have an opinion about who I’d like to be president.

I do. I voted last week.

I know my vote matters.

But these are just the details.

This election ~ details.

Not the whole of life in the great, grand scheme of history as we know it.

And no matter what I’m thinking, it’s not enough to hate on people who think differently. Candidates included.

So this morning, just like every other morning … I woke up, had a cup of coffee, read my Bible and prayed.

And just this morning, I heard God say, “No matter which way you’re thinking, I got this …”


bear one another’s burdens

Last week at our family cabin in Estes Park, we saw a bear.

Story went something like this: We pulled up to the cabin. Made a joyous commotion. Struggled and laughed as we dragged our luggage inside. Then pulled open the drapes to find this cinnamon bear helping himself at the bird feeder. [Read more…]

Why it’s necessary to be nice …

Today, I’ll stand behind someone in line at the grocery store that just lost their job.  I’ll sit behind a car as it misses the green light ~ watch it go from green to amber because a distracted mother is gazing out the window wondering when her teenager will come around.

Today, I’ll go to the drive-thru to get my favorite coffee and the cashier will be grumpy. Impolite. Because he just found out his sister has cancer. Then, as I’m driving to the bank, I’ll narrowly miss getting hit by by a car with some guy on his cell phone.  He’s angry, animated, occupied. Talking to his soon to be ex-wife.

Today is the duplicate of yesterday. A portent of tomorrow. Today people are hurting. Struggling to believe this is a day worth rejoicing.

And so today, it’s necessary to be nice.


ask for help …

Just over a week ago when I realized I was a part-time mother, I was ready to completely fall apart. And I was considering all kinds of things to fix my pain like training for a marathon or starting a pie blog …

Gratefully, I have decided on a pie project. Mini version of a whole-live-long-pie-blog. But much less stressful and sweaty than training for a marathon. I enlisted Laura Lee to help me.

[Read more…]

best friends forever?

Our daughter, Emily, graduated from Baylor this weekend. And while everything seems to be changing so fast ~ I was reminded some things never change.

All weekend, I kept thinking … I can’t believe this precious child is graduating from college. Life is moving so fast.

The once strong-willed-wild-child is now a young lady. [Read more…]

What are you teaching your kids?

There are certain things I hope my children learn from me ~ like a deep love for God and a constant appreciation for the everyday blessings. Those kinds of things.

But I now realize there are other things I have passed on unaware.

Take my youngest, Sara. I think I inadvertently taught her to guffaw.

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99 days til graduation

Today marks 99 days … til graduation. That’s what my daughter, Sara, tells me. Just 99 more days before she walks across the stage and finishes high school.

Sara. My hippie child. Guitar playing, sun-loving wonder. Sings with such honesty. Leads worship with a vulnerable heart. [Read more…]