Happy New Year Giveaway!

Yes. Let’s.

One final giveaway this year …

Because the start of the New Year begs for organization.

And because I can think of no better place to start than the closet. The one you see every morning. The one that might just look like this. (Read embarrassing closet confession here.)

But could look like this

… if you visit The Container Store. (Please, no delusions. This is not my closet. It’s the kind of dreamy perfection they come up with at The Container Store.)

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate from The Container Store by simply telling me what your biggest issue is organizing your schedule.

What is it in your schedule that makes you crazy?

Or feel behind?

(I think mine is in remembering I can’t manage time.)

Now, if you’d like to enter more than once, post something like this on twitter:

Organize 2011 w/ a $50 gift card from @containerstore here http://ow.ly/3wyrD

then stop back by and let me know that you did.


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The Happy New Year Giveaway is open until January 3rd at midnight (CST).

(Giveaway is open to US residents only.)


  1. Danielle M. says

    My biggest hindrance/frustration is that when someone else has something come up, I let my scheduled plans fall to the wayside. I choose to do it, and then get frustrated when my plans did not get accomplished.


  2. says

    the unpredictability of traffic drives me nuts. I leave to be on time and I’m not. I think if I didn’t have to spend so much time on route somewhere maybe my house could be organized!!

  3. says

    Biggest challenge is storage. We have no attic and our one small outbuilding is full with my husbands tools and lawn care things. I would like to better organize our “office,” but the closet in there is filled with his hunting stuff. (My clothes take up two other closets in the house, so I’m not pointing fingers!) I am trying to come up with an affordable and also eye-appealing way to organize and store office, sewing and crafting things in one small room… The cheapo, small book shelf from Target and mismatched tables, desks, and fining cabinets from college are not efficient or good looking! But they are affordable :)

  4. Debby says

    I’m a terrible procrastinator! When I finally get something done, i.e. organized, it feels great, but getting there is hard.
    Thanks for the chance.

  5. Karen says

    My issue with organizing is ME! I have pockets of organization, but if I don’t want to organize something, it gets placed at the bottom of my to-do list and I never quite make it to the bottom of the list….
    I also tend to save things just in case it can be used later. Some things I have are still waiting on “later.”
    Linked to your blog on facebook!

  6. Fran Bates says

    Hi Susie, I have ADD and I would really like to blame my organizational problems on that. The truth is however, I have a lot of stuff for my business and I just like stuff! You know things like magazines, photo’s, books, and bibles (I think I have 8 at last count) I guess you could call me a collector of stuff! I could spend hours in the container store because…I love all that stuff! Hugs to you for this fabulous blog!

  7. Erin says

    My husband works a 4-midnight job and it means that we end up staying awake pretty late. Its hard to wind down when he gets home for work. The problem with this is we sleep in too late then, and the day gets away from us. A goal for the new year is to be better at having a schedule for our day and not sleep so late. :o)

  8. says

    My biggest problem is cramming too many things in my schedule with the limited amount of time that I have. I always think I can accomplish all, then realize I can’t AFTER I’m already stressed about getting it all done. ;)

  9. Eilee W. says

    I feel if I could get up really early each day, like at 5 a.m., to get to the gym and get my day started I would have much more done and be more organized. Also, I need to get rid of more clutter. It just keeps coming, doesn’t it? Thanks for your blog. I love it!

  10. Kelly says

    My biggest challenge to being organized is a 4 year old boy and a 10 month old girl who I love with all my heart. There will be time for organization when they are all grown up!

  11. Linda says

    I absolutely LOVE to organize things….my stuff & other people’s stuff…as in closets, garages, kitchens, pantries etc. (So call me!)
    But as organized as my garage, storage building, and closets are, I have my biggest problem in letting go of “stuff”. I store everything. Remember when “country” decor was big. Well, I saved it all in case it came back “in”. I keep store bags, plastic bags, brown bags, etc. & every little thing that might be useful for VBS. haha.
    As far as my biggest issue in organizing my SCHEDULE is…organizing my schedule.

  12. says

    Love the Container Store! My biggest challenge for organizing is lack of control of outside things that happen that disrupt plans and good intentions.

  13. Stephanie says

    I Love to organize. I organize everything, even things that don’t really need to be organized. Although I can’t think of an example right now. My problem is that I can’t understand and get frustrated when others (like my husband) don’t place the same value on organization.

  14. Dana Hess says

    My biggest organizational challenge is that I work full-time and have 4 kids at home in a fairly small apartment. With this many people, it is difficult to get everyone on the same page when it comes to cleanliness and organization.

  15. says

    I love to organize, but I want it to look perfect. Perfect or nothing, which means that it too often ends up at the nothing end of the spectrum.

  16. Chrissy says

    What drives me nuts? Cleaning! I know I need to organize things better so then I won’t mind cleaning as much but yeah … cleaning is my most disliked thing that is totally holding me back!!! :o)

  17. says

    My biggest organiziation challenge is that I live in the moment. Having a 9 month old daughter and the desire to spend every moment with her that I can, it’s a wonder I take a shower each day and get food on the table. Organizational projects (that need to be done badly) have slipped by the wayside. I figure I’ll get to them once she goes to preschool. :)

  18. Annie says

    I love the idea of organizing and there is no better time than a new year. I become motivated and clean out a closet or two and although I love the feeling of accomplishment I feel, I somehow don’t manage to keep going and end up with a lot of stuff out on the floor that I cleaned out of the closet. It is suppose to be going somewhere…Goodwill, friends with children younger than mine, etc, but eventually it just ends up back in my closet!!

  19. Linda Jeter says

    My most organizing is having made beds in the morning.. with five daughter’s, I make their beds the way I want them made, sounds silly, but that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

    Now, as far as my quilting studio goes, I try to organize it, but I don’t have the containers that I would like to use, this is where my organizing needs the most help!

    Linda J

  20. Jill Jones says

    My biggest time organization problem is finding unimportant things to do that occupy my time other than the important things.

  21. Diane says

    Organizing my schedule to include exercise has been more most recent organizing challenge!

  22. says

    I have a really hard time organizing separate times for things, like being able to write or get some reading in, whether it’s for school, fun, or the blog!

    As for the phsyical…organizing my room and books. It’s a mess!

  23. Kris M. says

    I have trouble managing all the meals for my family of seven– shopping, what to make, healthy choices, clean up, etc. Maybe I can start by organizing my kitchen!

  24. Kris M. says

    My biggest problem is staying motivated for meal preparation and cleanup time for all meals and snacks for my family of seven. It takes a lot of time to manage meals, grocery shop and clean up!

  25. Julie Young says

    My biggest problem with organization is that I feel so ADD! I start a project, then go to a room & see something else that needs to be done & start that, etc…

  26. says

    My biggest flaw in my schedule is getting it all done while my triplet 2 year olds are napping. I’ve learned to try to get it done while they are awake, but things like laundry and sweeping the floors can NEVER get done with three two year olds helping me. lol

  27. Dee says

    I think my biggest issue with my schedule is the fact that I work a lot of spontaneous (not to mention unpaid) overtime. Like at least 15 hours extra per week and I’m scared to say no because my boss is pretty intense about “showing commitment”. The problem with this overtime is that even if I have something planned I have to set it aside to work late into the night. It sucks because I never know when I’ll be needed or when I will have free time and I feel like I’m on call. It’s hard to maintain a proper schedule due to this as well as plan some other events aside from work. Hopefully 2011 will be better!

  28. says

    My biggest issue organizing is that I have no schedule because I have a two month old. Does that give me a window of forgiveness until I get at least another couple weeks under my belt?? :)

  29. nancy nail heppes says


    I grew up at Hyde Park with you and absolutely love and adore your parents!! I enjoy reading your blog, i’ve told several friends about it. You are sooo real and it’s very refreshing to read!!! Thanks for all your blogs and all you write about!!! It’s encouraging to me and i love reading!!! Thanks and Happy New Year!!! Nancy
    Also, loving reading your parenting book, it’s so good!!!

  30. says

    We always have home projects in progress, usually more than one at a time. Which means at any given point there is a room (or two) in my house that is a disaster. This is what drives me crazy. My house will never be done.

  31. says

    Living in a small ranch house with not enough space = not being very organized. This year we ARE going to change that this year….major clean out!

  32. Suzy says

    My organizational challenge stems from too many papers! School papers, mail, receipts, kids’ artwork, bills, clipped recipes, decorating ideas ripped from magazines. Ugh! I need a system. I can never find what I need!

  33. Kathymc says

    I love to organize.. I just get carried away with jumping from one project to the next and never really get anything done.

  34. Teresa S. says

    My constant struggle with organizing schedules is the im possible amount of paper work that comes home from school! I have a hard time getting everything on the calender!!

  35. says

    What a fun giveaway…I love that store! My biggest hurdle in organizing my schedule is me! lol I’m a procrastinator with a much too busy schedule. I’m a mom to 5 sweet children in which I homeschool, a wife, a homemaker, a once a week home party jewelry Advisor w/ lia sophia. Life is busy…I always think “there’s plenty of time” then it runs out!

  36. KarenG says

    Biggest challenge in scheduling/organizing………….paper clutter and juggling the schedules of three active teenagers!

  37. Charity says

    I think I’d be better organized and have a more sane schedule if I just took the time to put things where they belong the first time. I tend to move piles around instead of just dealing with them.

    I love organization tools though and love The Container Store!

  38. says

    The problem I have with my schedule is honoring my schedule. I go to lengths to establish a day that works, and then abandon it and the slightest interruption. I LOVE! the Container Store. My endorphins fire at the possibilities when I enter the store.

    Happy New Year!

  39. Melissa S says

    I really don’t know the problem, wish I did so I can fix it! Maybe wearing too many hats at a time and not changing gears easily enough…

  40. says

    That I’m not too good at changing gears. If I’m at work, I’m good to be there. It’s hard to make the switch, pick up the kiddies and head home. Even worse is the switch at getting out the door in the morning. No wonder why I’m not a multi-tasker.

  41. says

    The fact that even when I write family time or margin on my calendar, I still think I am able to change that commitment for a request that comes from someone else. I need to remember to keep my family first and if I have margin written on the calendar, it’s for a reason and I shouldn’t break that commitment any faster than I’d break one I’ve made with friends or family. I never feel organized enough in any area of my life!

  42. says

    My biggest obstacle in organizing things is ME. I stumble over my own lack of love for routine, coupled with my great ability to appear highly put-together and talent for helping others get things done. So on the outside, people think my life is well-structured. On the inside, my physical (and thought) closet look just like yours.

  43. Kim gibbs says

    I’m overwhelmed to see clutter but also overwhelmed to know where to start and how to do it! It’s a vicous cycle!! Being ADD is not pleasant, lol.

  44. Kim says

    The thing about my schedule that makes me crazy is that I can’t seem to get anywhere on time. I procrastinate and always try to squeeze in “5 more minutes” of what I am doing. I have to be more disciplined, especially with a little one on the way in the next two weeks!

  45. Dawn Jumper says

    Keeping up with laundry is my greatest organizational challenge! I can get it washed,dried and folded but the “putting away” is the hard part. It then accumulates into overflowing baskets. Perhaps 2011 is the year to make my three teens responsible for their own laundry??
    Happy 2011 to you Susie and your readers!

  46. says

    My biggest issue is organizing the kids, the family, my husband, my career, and myself. Oh my, that all sounds like life ;o) Seriously the amount of paper stuff that comes into our house is overwhelming and I have a need to keep everything in case I may need to reference it!

  47. says

    Ooo for me, it’s space! I’m sharing a closet with my son. My bedroom has NO CLOSET!!
    It’s like the thorn in my flesh thing!
    I want my own closet!

  48. Amy says

    Probably actually following the schedule! It always looks good on paper but doesn’t pan out in real time!

    (homeschooling mom to 4)

  49. shannon says

    I seem to always underestimate the amount of time required to get 3 kids ready and out of the door. I often chastise them for not being fast enough, when in reality it’s MYSELF that’s lacking in time management! I hope to be more efficient 2011.

    • SDavis says

      Me? I chastise my family for leaving piles of stuff all over the house when I actually have more piles than all of them combined. :|

  50. says

    My biggest obstacle in my schedule would be my inability to accurately budget time for each activity. I either plan an excessive amount of time or run out of time – – like yesterday, when I figured an hour would be plenty of time to pick up groceries and came home more than 90 minutes later.

  51. Carissa McCarter says

    My main problem with organization is unfortunately not one that can be fixed. My brother in law has ALS and my sister has MS, so between taking care of my family, helping take care of their families, work, and church, I seem to run out of time in the day. I have a hard time keeping my house clean much less organized! Ha ha But I love my God, my family, and my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  52. Megan says

    The biggest difficulty in organizing my schedule is the absolute unpredictability of relational ministry.
    People don’t often have needs at times that are convenient to me :)
    Therefore, things I had planned on doing often have to be shuffled around or ignored completely.
    Which means that closet oranizing is basically non-existent in my life!

    • SDavis says

      Megan – I write about that in The Time of Your Life. Those are the ‘unscheduled appointments’ … the ones God has scheduled that I am often clueless about. I love that you let him schedule them in your life.

  53. Melissa Doty says

    I need to put things away right away or my closet just gets CRAZY! I love bins and storage totes– just the money to buy them all is not in the budget!

  54. says

    I don’t LIKE to organize. That is what holds me back. I know people who really enjoy separating and categorizing, that’s NOT me.
    Great giveaway!