mom comes unglued …

My youngest daughter, Sara, is moving out of the house today … and this mama’s heart is all in pieces on the floor.

I have tried to hold it together. Contain my grief, measure my responses, and keep it all together in tidy little boxes tied up with bows. But oh, this weekend …

I’m sad to say, this last weekend, I was a colossal mess. On Friday, I lectured long about her lack of planning for the move. Then on Saturday, I exploded because she brought in a box from the garage without first cleaning it off. Later that evening, I fumed silently because she chose to spend time with a friend instead of shopping with me.

Bad responses. If I hadn’t been reading through Lysa’s new book Unglued, I probably wouldn’t have seen it so vividly, so painfully. But I’ve come unglued. Here in the final hour, I’m not the mom I want to be. And certainly not the mom I want Sara to remember as she heads into this new season of her life.

Lysa wrote, “Outward expressions are internal indications. If our outward expressions are unglued, there’s some brokenness internally.” Yes, I’m broken. While I thought all my emotions were innocent ~ and acceptable ~ they’re not. My grief turned angry, spewing all over the place because …

I want to see her face every morning. I want to make her breakfast, talk about her day and hug her as she walks out the door. In the afternoon, I want to hear her keys hit the kitchen counter. Then I want to hear her singing in her room. Later, I want to watch The Office with her. And at night, I want to hear her strumming her guitar through my bedroom wall. Gosh, I just want to keep Sara here with me. Just a little bit longer. And I won’t say a thing about how she leaves her Chacos any old place she wants. Waaahhh.

My grief got a case of the mean reds … and I turned greedy, grumpy, ungrateful and unglued.

The good news is (as Lysa so graciously points out over and over again in her book) God is in the business of helping broken people. So I know He wants to help me be the mom Sara needs. And the mom I desperately want to be.

And the best news of all, is Jesus is the glue. He literally holds all things together. Sara, me … and you, too.

If you have a chance, say a little prayer for me today. I’ll be helping Sara unpack her things in her brand new place. Hopefully acting like a sane and loving grown-up. ;)

Meanwhile, if you’d like to get your hands on Lysa’s book Unglued … I’ve got good news! I’m giving away a couple copies. All you have to do to enter is let me know (in the comments below) about something you love about those people in your life that sometimes make you come unglued and I’ll start … I love Sara leaving her green Chacos any old place she wants.

I’m gonna miss that.

Praying you have a beautiful day today,

sd ~ the good news girl

*This giveaway is open until midnight (CST) Thursday August 23rd, 2012 ~ the day I hope to have stopped texting Sara because I miss her so much. Winners announced Saturday August 25th, 2012 ~ the day my husband confiscates my phone if I have not stopped texting Sara. Two gift books are kindly provided by Lysa’s publisher, Zondervan.

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  1. Stacy says

    I came unglued the other evening when my 31 year old daughter who is an alcoholic took her dad’s car to the liquor store…we have been struggling with her drinking for ten years, 4 DUI’s and jail time. She is an amazingly wonderful and talented woman, I see this other woman in her when she drinks who is trying to kill her. We attend Al-anon which has been a life saver, it has allowed me to “just love her” and stay sane through most of it but this spring she married an abusive man from England and we have gone through the past 6 weeks of his abandonment of her and the legal issues involved. She worked hard to stay sober for the first few weeks and then fell apart and began drinking in earnest, leaving herself open for more abuse until he fled the country…it is so difficult to be a mother to her as an adult young woman going through heartache as well as an alcoholic. We are so fortunate to know that God does have her in His hands and He is “has this one” But I became so angry at her the other night and I blew up…I literally wanted to kill the woman who is killing my daughter.

    The beauty of the program is to be surrounded by other parents going through the same pain and who can share with my husband and myself the hope and courage that we all share, even if those of us who love an alcoholic “relapse” and blow our tops once in awhile.

    I don’t know how I would make it through without God’s love and promises to us that she is in His hands and that He loves her more then even we do.

  2. Mary says

    Oh how I understand! I lived in Hawthorne Fl, which is the boonies! Closest town, Gainesville, Fl. July 22, my mother, who had Alzheimers, passed away, on her way to church with my sister. We have been dealing with her disease for the last, 5 yrs. Boy do I know about coming unglued. She would tend to get sassy and argue about taking her meds, insist she already did, or already took a shower, when she didnt. Some days it was very hard. Others were endearing, to see the child in her come out, when she would ask me at night as I tucked her into bed, are you going to sleep in here with me? And giggle when I would joke with her that she needed to take those meds, because they were to keep the wrinkles away!
    Then she would take them! Its hard being a caregiver, and keeping your cool and sanity. I would do it all over in a heartbeat, given the opportunity. To top it off, we took her ashes to be buried in the family cemetery in the mountains of WVa. My daughter whom I dont see very often, due to, she lives in fortlaud. Fl which is 5 hrs. away. and I dont have a vehicle at the moment. Also she works and goes to school, and I am on disability due to a car accident, 1 1/2 yrs ago, in which I broke my neck, back, ribs,collapsed lung and was in a back brace 9 mos. neck surgery. So i do good just to go to grocery store. My daughter who had planned to visit me prior to my moms passing, was going to visit 5 days, I was elated because her only time I ever get to visit, has been the most a 3 day wkend, once a year. Due to school and work, she cannot get Holidays off. So I was hyped up, planning our time together. Then the unexpected, happend and changed our plans. During the trip for my mother, family she nor I had not seen in years, were the priority. I thought when we got back into our town, she had more days with me, but instead she wanted to go home and rest a day before she had to work. I guess I did some pouting and coming unglued, because I needed her longer, losing my mom, dealing with my own loss, and feeling the mother/daughter, lonliness when I dont get to see her enough. I kinda lost it with her, and cried and wanted to know why she couldnt stay longer, and felt like I didnt matter. But she gave me a long hug and kiss goodbye before she left, and called me on her way home, and when she got there. The next day called and asked how my day was going and to tell me she loved me. I felt better, but one thing I always said, but never really listened hard to, was life is short, take advantage of the precious moments together, your family, and friends. Because it is so true, you never know when your moment is up. We should all be grasping all the love we can get and giving it back, so we will be fullfilled. Thank God for every day you awake and see the beauty all around us and dont let the demons in life drag you down. Pray and God will lift you up!

  3. Melissa Morehart says

    I just received the link to your blog and I love it!! I have four children under the age of 13. Although mine are not going off to college, I am having a hard time this year sending them back to school. This is not like a typical year when I’m ready to have peace and quiet. I have had several friends send their daughters and sons off to college this year. I have stood beside them as they cry and share their stories. It has made me miss my children already. In the chaos of life we sometimes forget that our children all to soon grow up and move away. And sometimes that moving away part can start while they are still at home. I have been spending more “silly” time with my kids. We even built houses out of legos this week. I would love to read your book and plan on doing so this fall. Thank you for your inspiration and your blog. We can’t get through life alone. We need each other and most of all we need God. God Bless!

  4. Tina S says

    I know I’m too late for the giveaway but had to comment. I cried for the entire summer before my baby left for college. I cried for two months after he left. I wasn’t unglued exactly but my heart was breaking. It’s taken a while for me to come to terms with not having kids at home. We all communicate via phone calls, texts, emails, Skype, etc. but it’s not the same. All I ever wanted to do was be a mom…and when my son left I was truly at a loss as to what to do. One day my daughter reminded me that I’m still a mom and that I am always available to my kids (and friends who have needs) no matter what they need or when they need it. Then I remembered that I had been convicted in a sermon once years ago about how God doesn’t need our ability but our availabilty. I told the Lord that I wanted to always be available to do what He asks me to do. Now I realize that even though my circumstances (too involved to go into here) have me at home without a job, God truly answered my prayer to be available to do what He wants me to do….not always how I want to do it! Our God knows what is best for us….always. I’m so blessed!

  5. says

    I love when my husband leaves a mess for me to discover when I get off work. I leave before him in the morning and thus get home before him in the afternoon and most days I’ll come home and find something that he forgot or didn’t have time to put away or pick up from his getting ready. It drives me crazy but at the same time I love it because it reminds me he’s only human and not the “super” husband that I think he is sometimes. It’s also a great reminder that even though he may try his hardest not to fail me, he ultimately will and that I need and can only rely on God to be perfect.

  6. Pam says

    I came unglued emotionally the day my son, daughter-in-law moved back to NE and took my grandkids with them. I wasn’t mad at them but just torn apart on the inside. You see, I love them so much that my heart ached to watch them leave. When saying good-bye my son broke down and cried and I’ve never seem him do that before. The grand kids were told to get in the car and then my little Katie came running back in to give Grandma one last hug. I had one on the hip who kept looking at her Dad and me (Grandma) and she couldn’t comprehend what this all meant. They are so far away and we don’t have the funds to visit. Thanksgiving and Christmas will just not be the same. Those grand kids sure take a hold of your heart and it is not easy to say good-bye. My grandson told me he was sad. Praying one day we will get to visit or they will get to visit us. It seems like years since I last held them, read to them, and played with them. Yes, my heart is heavy and it is breaking!

  7. Linda Pupich says

    Praying for you today….be strong, mama! :)
    I love it when I am in the shower and my girls suddenly need Mom for all the answers to every question they have ever even thought of. I know one day my showers will be peaceful…and that makes me come a little unglued. :)

  8. Nanna says

    I know my husband is trying to provide for us, but I come unglued when he works long hours. He needs his rest too!

  9. says

    You have me in tears!!
    Love you and praying for you!!
    I’m going to share this post on BH.
    I took a screen shot if that’s ok??
    I don’t care if I started a link up today.
    This book sounds way to amazing
    to not share about your give-away!


  10. Sharon says

    Susie, love your heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing at JUST the right time, as I’m coming unglued about every little thing a week before #1 leaves again, for his junior year. We’ve got one week…I’m going to make it count!

  11. katherine says

    Yippee!!!! You’re human!! ….seriously….thank you for your authentic transparency with us, your friends and fans.

    You’re a wonderful mom and I’m certain your baby girl will remember all the cool stuff about you….they FAR outweigh this little blip….

    your longtime, devoted friend/fan

  12. Melinda T says

    My two girls, ages 2 and 6. They have a love/hate relationship that borderlines hate most of the time! They’ll get along and in the next breath, they’re fighting…I’m trying to remember that they don’t stay this way forever! That one day they’ll leave the house! :( Praying for you and Sara!

  13. Fran Bates says

    Fun Seeing you today. I have been becoming unglued with Steve’s health issues, he had his 2nd stent put in 6months. Can you imagine 95%+ blockage in the widow maker artery twice. what if he was taken out of this world and I would never have to clean his dirty counter tops again. It has caused me to think differently. What a blessing to see the reminder of him on a messy counter top. Praise God!

  14. Jim shearer says

    Single dads are moms also. I have a great appreciation for single parents.

    Being dad—–and mom—is often confusing, exciting, exhausting and very rewarding. Knowing which hat to (mom or dad hat) to wear is a challenge. Sometimes I don’t know which I have on!!!

    What I love about my three daughters (early teenagers) is the loving hugs they give—even in public!! They can sense and somehow see when I’m having difficulty, struggling or simply tired. It’s so refreshing.

    God has blessed me with them. I thank him all day lOng. Every day.

    And yes I get unglued daily. I want/need the book—yesterday!!

  15. Aimee Yowell says

    The thing I love the most about my children that make me come “unglued” the fastest is their mouths. I have boy/girl twins who are 13 and a 15 year old boy. My daughter, inparticularly, is in her room as I type this due to her mouth. She gets in trouble often because she is opinionated, stubborn, and down right tenacious! I have tried hard to teach her there is a time and a place for “debate” and have encouraged her to go to law school in a few years! I also really love that she is not a wallflower and I am confident that her mouth will possibly be the reason she isn’t pushed around as she grows into a woman. We shall see! I would love to read your book, I pray daily for God to help me not be an “Unhlued” parent, but a loving, patient mom who my children see a good example.

    • Tina S says

      Oh, how I can relate to this! We tried to raise our children to be independent, not follow the crowd, be self aware, and stand up for themselves. It was too late when we realized we should have added that they should only behave this way when they are NOT AT HOME! Be indepedent–but not at home! We have three mouthy kids (one is now in Heaven with the Lord) who think for themselves and aren’t ashamed of their feelings. We did a great job……almost TOO great. But their independence is tempered with a love for the Lord. And they don’t follow the world. The Lord taught me many things through these babies….not all of them pleasant. I’m happy they are the people God wants them to be, not the people I think they should be!

  16. Sandra Greaney says

    I miss laying in bed with my sweet Taylor at night talking, laughing, praying and sometimes just laying there silent enjoying time together…….

    I am right there with you Susie. My precious daughter moved into her dorm on Sat. and I drove home crying so hard I had to pull over 2 x’s. :( I PHYSICALLY came “unglued”. ugh

  17. Nicole Basey says

    Susie how I miss you and your joyful self!

    Wedding planning…suppose to be one of the best times of your life, yet it happens to be one of the most stressful! Everything costs money and the to do list is unreal and never ending! Then you have people ask, how’s the wedding planning? You smile and say it’s great when really you want to come unglued and tell them all the stressful to dos but you hold back to save their souls. ;) Then there is Mom. You love her with all your heart but the we gotta do this and we gottta do that and we gotta do this will send you running for the door. Bless her heart all she wants to do is help and enjoy what’s suppose to be a happy mother daughter bonding time. Why is it so hard? Wedding planning is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do! I can see how so many girls fall in the trap of “BRIDEZILLA”! When I see myself on the verge fo getting to that point I throw my hands up and give it to God!

    This is a one in a life time thing and I have come unglued! I have come to the realization as much as it may drive me crazy with the we gotta do this and we gotta do that…..I have a Mom who loves me and cares for me beyond measure! I love her and thank her for being the amazing Mom she is!

    I thank God for you too and for your heart. He uses you in more ways than one and you are a light in this crazy world! Hugs ~ Your friend Nicole

  18. Tami says

    I’ve been praying for you. I’ve loved seeing the pics of her with her new roomies. She looks so happy and adjusted – and you know why? Because you and Will prepared her to be.

    I love that my husband leaves the skillet on the stove with dried egg in it instead of washing it out.

  19. soledad sanchez says

    Coming unglued after a long day at work and hearing “mom mom mom…..i need …. i want ……i’m hungry!”

  20. Julie says

    Man, why do we become unglued on the ones we love the most. My two little girls are the only light in my life right now, but sometimes I just go OFF! And I feel so guilty. Mornings are an especially rough time since I am not a morning person and running late brings out the worst in me. Please God let them forgive me and let me change!

    • Tina S says

      Nothing is quite so humbling as having to apologize and ask forgiveness from a two year old child.

  21. Kathy Jusselin says

    Susie… and I were doing the same EXACT thing this last weekend with our actions. We moved my daughter into her apartment and I acted the same way. UNGLUED. The worst of my emotions were on Sunday when we were trying to get everything finished before I left. She was grumpy and I was sad and did not act the good Mother I should have. I have felt guilty about it all week!!! Broken internally was correct. Your words were perfect for me to read today so thank you!!! I hope you have found some sunshine thoughts in your week!! Take care….. :)

  22. says

    i love the way my son irritates his little sister because he thinks she is just so adorable he has to squeeze her. it reminds me of my own little sister. :)

    thinking of you…and hoping that you’re doing okay. it can’t be easy; and though my own are all under 9, i remember the feeling when i left home…the mix of excitement with the knowledge that i was leaving an empty space that would be felt by everyone still at home. i think it’s tough on both ends…but it’s a beautiful time for the parent-child relationship to blossom. big hugs…

  23. Margaret says

    Love my sons gentle loving heart…drives me crazy that he can’t get the shower curtain so the bathroom does not flood each time he showers. He leaves on Saturday I will miss the wet floors until he returns at Thanksgiving.

  24. Erin says

    I love that my young children love being with me and love my attention even though not having enough time to “recharge” can make me come unglued. I can’t wait to read this book!

  25. ConnieH says

    Oh my goodness! Can I relate to your blog post today. I moved my youngest son off to college last week, and I have been a bit unglued ever sense. I’ll do good, hold it together, but then just one little thing happens, and tears spring to my eyes. So I know how you feele Susie. But we will get through this, by the grace of God. Mothers survive this all the time. Aren’t we lucky we have a God who holds every tear in the palm of his hand? And aren’t we lucky we have books like Lysa’s “Unglued” to help keep us sane? Thanks for the blog post, and for the opportunity to win a copy of Lysa’s book. Blessings to you!

  26. Kate Simpson says

    You’ll be ok…not today, not tomorrow, but you will get through it. Prayers said and will continue to be thinking of you.
    We are leaving for Nicaragua to do some mission work for three months and I will miss our sons terribly. I find that getting home from a long day at work to hear “what’s for dinner” drives me crazy, I do become unglued…but I want to be there for everyone. Knowing we won’t be here for them even though they are older, is heart wrenching. I will miss the hugs the most, the physical contact.

  27. Jennybc says

    I had my son’s dog with me for 6 months after he was hit by a car and broke his leg on one side and his hip on the other. I nursed that sweet dog back to health only to see him chew up every toy i have for the little boys I keep, take apart several rolls of paper towels all over my dining room, and run me all over the neighborhood after he was healed just to show me what a good job we had done nursing him. He went back to college with my son two weeks ago and miss that old boy like crazy! (and my son too!) Taking care of him was a way to love out son in a very personal way. It was a way to say we care about you and your feelings. It also came at a time I was walking through some tough things. So as much as i came unglued at all his mischief and chaos, I think he helped me not come unglued even more through the tough times. Would love to read this book….so praying for you as you send your girl off to school. My girl is off for her junior year and I already miss the mess in her room. joyful in the journey

  28. Mia Phipps says

    My son lives in an imaginary world of his own creation about 70% of the time. He is very smart and creative. He loves to share his ideas in a long stream of excited chatter that can only half be comprehended. It seems that very often he does this at the most in opportune times and I snap at him unintentionally. I love his imagination and yet I’m the one who stifles it when he interrupts an adult conversation or phone call. I so need to do this better.

  29. Marie Spiess says

    Aren’t we all unglued. God is bigger than all of us and he heals the broken hearted.

  30. Amy in Alaska says

    First, let me tell you that I really enjoyed your book Loving Your Man without Losing Your Mind! I love my children, but I get unglued about them making tents with all the blankets in the house. I want them to have the memories of playing in them, but I hate the mess and the ultimate fighting over who gets the bigger space!

  31. Nicol says

    I am coming “unglued” about my baby turning one last week and my big girl start school next week! Not a good combo!

  32. sarah shelton says

    First, I love Lysa’s books and I read her blog faithfully!

    Second, I so get where you are coming from…I have done the exact same thing with my children. It’s hard not to when we spend 18 years getting them to this point and then it sneaks up on us! I will be praying for you as you unpack your Sara and help her get settled into her new place. You can do this!


  33. Denise says

    I am so with you! My oldest one left home (for the first time) 4 years ago. We’ll have to repeat that whole thing soon when he gets married in the next year. A whole different kind of leaving. I also just went through this with the nearly 17 year old who failed his first drivers test. I came “unglued” at the thought of having to still be his chauffeur. Now that he passed the test I’m concerned that I’m going to come “unglued” again with him driving off on his own, with no one else there to watch out for all those other people on the road! Lord, thank you for being my glue! You are truly the only One I can trust and I’m going to choose to do that!

  34. says

    Oh Susie,
    Lifting your name in prayer today.
    I resemble your post a lot.
    Our youngest daughter leaves for her second year away on the 25th…my birthday.
    Two years in a row she leaves on my birthday…last year due to orientation.
    But I love that she wanted to delay the move by a day this year because of my birthday.
    Being the mom, I treasure the sentiment and know that any day is difficult to release her, but
    I must release her once again! So it will be the day of my birth and perhaps that is apt as it is a day all about growing and leaning into Him.

  35. Megan Wise says

    I will be praying for you Susie! You are not my only friend coming a bit unglued about their child leaving for college, so don’t be too hard on yourself!
    Things that I love but can also make me come unglued…
    My 9 year old daughters ability to talk So many words! It wears me out- but is so precious all the time. And my son has this obnoxious, boisterous 6th grade boy side coming out. He’s always been a quiet kid so this stage is a little new. I like it. It’s funny and he makes me laugh…. Most of the time. The key is small doses. :)

  36. says

    I can’t imagine. I have two year old triplets and always hear that the days are long but the years are short. It’s so true. It seems we just found out we were pregnant and now we’re planning a third b-day party. I hope I won’t come unglued when I lose all three for college at the same time, but I’m not optimistic…..

  37. says

    Aw, sweet friend it is so hard. How good God is to have given you eyes to see the truth of your anxiety. I spoke to Sara briefly last week and promised to keep you company with creative pursuits. Let’s collaborate!

  38. Patty says

    As one wise grandma said as we were dropping our daughter off at Baylor, “Oh, honey… may feel like she’s leavin’, but she is just circlin’ the block.”

    And that has turned out to be true.

  39. Meg says

    Praying for you today. I have young girls- elementary and preschool age. And while we’re looking forward to the adventure and excitement and newness of the coming school year, I’m going to miss our relaxed summer days. Sure, we’re driving each other up the wall, but what great memories we’ve made this summer! I pray for this school year to give us the chance to be more in the moment with each other and our activities rather than being frustrated, and wishing the time away as I always seem to do at the end of the summer.

  40. Cindy Broaddus says

    Understand, completely! I don’t have kids leaving for college, but I have a teenager and very strong-willed children. One thing that comes to my mind is the fact that my oldest loves his hats. It doesn’t matter how handsome and put together he looks, he always has to plop that stinky, ol’ hat on his head. That makes this mom come unglued! Lol! There’s been times when those hats just mysteriously disappear. ;-)

  41. Ashley says

    I love that my husband always tosses his dirty laundry in the closet…but never makes it in the hamper.

  42. Laurie says

    Way too many things can make me come unglued and act like a complete, crazy shrew– kids fighting, unfolded piles of laundry, and yes, shoes lying around- especially when the dog finds them first and eats them! ( and he always chooses the expensive new ones, of course!!) Praise the Lord for his Word and other believers ( like y’all) who are willing to share they are sometimes “unglued” as well. =)

  43. Ellen Forrester says

    I’m praying for you, Susie! All our kids are gone now. I watch them leave from the driveway and I still cry every single time. Megan and Andrew just sent me a picture of Andrew on his first day of grad school. I cried a little. Then they all come home, and I come unglued a little because throws are everywhere, left unfolded, glasses and coffee cups are everywhere, towels are everywhere, books and food taking over the kitchen. Then they leave, and I cry ! I become annoyed at myself because all of the above means THEY ARE HOME! Who cares if it’s a mess!
    Thanks for the reminder this morning. Can’t wait to read the book! Loved Made to Crave!
    Prayers your way, friend!

  44. Tee says

    My boys give me fits with their laundry situation. Five hundred t-shirts and gym shorts that pile up precariously and then overflow the hamper. They also have no problem just pulling clean stuff out of the basket in the laundry room on a daily basis instead of putting it away in the drawer. Don’t tell anybody, but I actually did miss that when my 20 year old was away at school the last 2 years (he’s home now, at least for a while.) And my 16 year old never brings in his belongings from the car when he gets home everyday. Books, clothes, drink cups, sports gear, you name it. He would live out of the car if we’d let him. He left his almost brand new pair of Ariat boots in the bed of his dad’s truck Saturday and then it rained on them all night. I came unglued, yes I did. Not my proudest moment.

    p.s. I read Will’s new book last week. LOVED IT!!!

  45. says

    Praying for you today!!! I so needed to read this today. I just walked my baby…the baby of 4, into his Pre-K class. I held it together even through his death grips and pleads for me to not leave him…and then I walked out the door and just cried. Cried because he was crying…cried because I didn’t want to be alone….and cried because I don’t know what to do now that all of my kids are in school. All I have done for 11 years is be a stay at home mom…and I was unglued!! I know my feelings right now and can’t even imagine how hard letting them move out to college is going to be. I will think of you often today and pray fervently for our mommy hearts!!!

  46. Sandy Brewer says

    I love Lauren’s spirit of adventure and her desire to serve, but she’s leaving for Denver in two days and like you, I’m going to miss her being so close (for the first time in a lot of years she’s been just around the corner and a huge part of our daily life)

  47. Melissa Reagan says

    I won’t lie Susie. The thing I love about my mother the most that also makes me come unglued at times is how she expects me to call her at least once a day so she can hear my voice. At first it was endearing, and then when I reached about 23 years old, it started to drive me crazy. I’d started fussing at her about it and trying to.convince her that other people my age (I’m 26 now) were only expected to call their parents once a week. This did not deter her and her efforts. When I think about it now, if it’s my biggest complaint about my parents-then what am I really complaining about? When they are gone, it is what I will miss the most.

  48. Anna says

    Two thoughts come to mind:
    In a small, teeny, tiny way can almost relate. My youngest, Ava Joy, will be starting Kindergarten next week. I don’t know where the last 5 years went. She’s my buddy. Always by my side and such a delight to be around. I will really miss her during the day!

    Secondly, when I was little and we used to visit my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family and it would come time for us to depart, my grandmother would turn angry, mean, and just plain horrible to my dad (and everyone else in her way). My mom recognized that it was her way of making it easier to say good-bye. You are not alone!

    I’ll be praying for you, Susie!

  49. Nancy McDonald says

    I am praying, Susie. I came a little unglued myself on Sunday when I sent Kelsey away for year 2!