Snow Day

It’s a snow day today.   Things familiar look very different.   As if all of nature is saying

… take a breath.


And so we rest.   My husband’s home.   My kids are asleep.   The morning is slow.

And beautiful.

Hot cinnamon tea. And french toast. And rest.

Later, there will be snow fights. Sledding down Murchison hill. And I bet even a snowman or two.

But for now, there’s quiet and rest.

I think that’s my favorite thing about a snow day.

What’s your favorite thing to do about a snow day?


  1. says

    My favorite thing is to watch my children happily play in the snow that they rarely get to see. They get such joy from making mini-snowmen, throwing snowballs, and making snow angels…. which gives me a great amount of joy, too. :)

  2. says

    I love the smell and the newness. I love that when I go outside most of the grown ups and all of the children are engaged in wonder! I love the snuggly togetherness of sitting around the house with the family playing board games and sipping on hot chocolate.

  3. says

    Mornin’ Susie! We’ve had our share of snow days this year! I have to agree that they make you slow down — and that is a GOOD thing. Things that are usually available to you…places you usually HAVE to be – just aren’t available, or are CLOSED. It makes me re-evaluate. Sometimes I get something done that has been waiting on me a long time. Sometimes I find time for something that I wouldn’t ordinarily make time for – something special. And yes — staying in jammies longer is a good thing! Today, the snow has subsided, and sunshine has taken its place – and LOTS OF IT. Today – I am thankful for sunshine! Have a great weekend!

    • SDavis says

      Hi Sally … I love the idea of re-evaluating. What to do. What not to do. :)
      Have a beautiful, sunny day.